open book

by nonnsha

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Craig Labor this album is fantastic!! nonnsha really put her heart into this record and it is absolutely worth buying the cd. thanks Nonnsha! Favorite track: i can feel the shade.
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    The album is meant to flow as a story. The front cover features me and my guitar stepping into an open book, required to make a choice in order to move on. Once opened, I encounter a green landscape with houses I am unfamiliar with. The actual CD showcases fish, which I relate to releasing things, such as things I couldn't say. The CD booklet was meant to read like a poetry book. For each song I illustrated/painted something that related to the song somehow. There are no mentions in the CD booklet that it is for a CD to add to the book feel. The back of the CD case features blue circles to represent honesty.

    Each case has been hand stamped, painted, and drawn on by myself. I scanned my drawings for houses and cut them out and colored them all with colored pencil. I used quite a bit of glue sticks too. Every button/pin is hand painted/inked and features a wolf. I thought it could be something that helps make you feel like you can take on anything when you have self doubt.

    50 were made.

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all of these were written about things i couldn't say out loud.


released August 9, 2014

all music and art was made by shannon simbulan except for the guitar solo in "see-saw" by connor pennington.

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nonnsha California

i enjoy grocery shopping.

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Track Name: are you sold?
be my only wave to ride on
i will wear my brand new nylons
we don’t have to turn the lights on
smiling free in a sea of coupons

loosen up, steady unwinding

we can make it through the timing
and though it’s hard to match the lining
our parts are set, forever chiming

the truth has always damaged best
but i never thought of you less

i’m down but i’ve been trying
it’s hard to speak when you are crying
the business i’ve been minding
is in stores where you can buy it
are you sold?

crushing fruit in the ground
trading stories, word of mouth
no one’s stopping this messing around

soon you’re part of my everyday
we’re cutting knots
we’re making a way
we are lifting the weight
Track Name: signing in
signing in to that meeting
where we pretend
we’re not bleeding

but it’s so hard
when you’re right there
it’s so hard when you’re righ there

precious heart
in the center
of this war
i meant to protect you

the price to afford
what isn’t for sale
i know that you’re more
than a price tag

distance, i hope you’re sleeping well
presence, i wish, i hope,
i still get the house ready for you
even though i never know
the time, the place, or how you’ve grown

i can’t forget
i could never forget.
Track Name: birthday
i confessed all my worries over a cake iced
“happy birthday” you are alive

and it’s cool, yeah it’s cool
but where are you?

you don’t have to keep me company
i’ll be fine here
you are happy.
Track Name: you are so soft
you are so soft
a blade couldn’t change you
you are so soft
a blade wouldn’t touch you

you hit the ground
with barely a sound
there is no crowd
but a pressure to be loud

and you’re right
where it ends
it begins
where it ends, it begins.
Track Name: see-saw
cleared my plate
is it safe, is it dangerous
to fly in your arms?
open wide, open up
open minded folk
dressed and ready to go
for a ride

see you soon
my afternoon
my midnight snack
lucky penny, heads up
perfect timing
and the jokes are spot on

rotate my body like an office chair
throw me down the stairs
write a check before you leave.
Track Name: oceans
somewhere along the line we were an ocean
our words could never sail away
somewhere between the lines we were just rivers
slow and steady and ready to divide

the lie is easy to expand on
it’s fine, you don’t have to say why
i’ll try to make it up when you’re not busy
ain’t that the truth you had no time for me at all

we hid our flaws
we never said why
i hid my flaws
i never knew why

we wore that red, red flag
we held it high and packed our history in a bag
where there were plenty things to see
guessing who and what we’d be
a quiet ending cast us far past the sea

somewhere along the line we were an ocean
our words could never sail away
somewhere between the line we were just rivers
slow and steady and ready to divide

the truth isn’t easy to expand on
when you can’t say why
you don’t have to say that you were busy
ain’t that a lie, we tried so hard to make it small.
Track Name: the invisible line
you don’t have to tell me
how to breathe, or how to sleep,
or how to eat
when there’s no way to save the ring

you don’t have to hold me when it’s cold
cause i know that you know
we had more time before it sold

wrestling the family
the worse is close to happening
it’s cool, i’ll find something else i can do

i am learning my rights
you can’t always count on your sight
Track Name: backup plan
i’ve been rinsing out those dirty dishes
i’ve been making meals made for two
packing leftovers you’ve been slowly picking
and you’re coming back like you always do

i’m a backup plan for your bad friends
yet you’re so alike,
coulda passed a reflection for you

back up from me
what am i some kind of sunflower seed?
you pick me up to put me down
what a clever strategy but you’re all found out

found you in a museum sculpture, something ‘bout the eyes
losing warmth in all your blankets
you’re colder than crushed ice
but something in me wants you to stay around
i keep thinking that one day you’ll turn around.
Track Name: stepping on a welcome mat
by the ocean in my dreams
i’m feeling more complete
i’m feeling more upbeat
you don’t have to work for two
i’m finding my way through
i’ll get it right soon

steep, heavy slope, mile stretch
you’ve only met me at my best
going slow step by step
we never speak about our wreck
careful with the words we choose i’m hiding all of my bad news

don’t leave so soon
glass gets replaced
time’s never new
but it’ll take your place

it’d be nice to get to know you
before i say i love you
is that too much to ask for?

i’m getting tired
but i’d stay awake
if you only told me
that it’s never fake
Track Name: i can feel the shade
i like the way we get along
we bear the fruit
we dance past dawn
are we running on high?
are we running on high?

i can feel the shade blocking out the light

are we close to the sunset,
are we far from your regrets?
is it time to just end it
so that we could start to mend it?

learning the ropes to a brand new process
honest approach to admit all our losses
you are the breeze on a warm summer night
no one can change if i think that is right.
Track Name: to never be ashamed
dear there’s no way i could tell them i’m sorry
when i know that they are the reason you worry
somehow i am holding the grudge that you buried
and i’m shoving it right through their guts in a hurry

i’m folding my clothes and i’m folding my feelings
my thoughts are a rush
when it all comes to dealing
with things that could crush me and you
are we healing?
and if not there’s a way
i will find it
i know that we just

have to get up and get dressed
have to get up and address
that we were never any less

i will learn to groove i will
take care as i should
i will open up
i will always be in love

the universe was taking a break from a walk in the park,
took a seat on an empty swing
shifted the weight of the stars and planets involved
and he felt a little more free
spoke his mind at the top of the playground said
“i am only me”

we don’t have to prove anything at all
we could just continue to live
Track Name: emotional bruise
it's so easy walking in my shoes
'cause i'm careful with the words i choose
but i'm riding out an emotional bruise
and i'm seeping in the breaking news
and your eyes so big say "i love you"
as i pick the splinters out by twos
am i just some kind of emotional bruise?
am i just some kind of emotional bruise?